Jost landing gear t-shoe

landing gear t-shoe
JOS-B 0201-040103

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Additional Information
Model No. B 0201-040103
About the Manufacturer The JOST Group is an enterprise which since its establishment in 1952 has achieved a leading position worldwide in the manufacturing of components for commercial vehicles.
Section Trailer Parts
Subsection ./.
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JOS-B0201-010103 Jost landing gear airsusp
JOS-C200T Jost landing leg complete (old was D200T)
JOS-D200T Jost landing leg complete (new: C200T)
JOS-J 2310 Jost hubodometer for 7.50 x 15
JOS-J 2464-2520 Jost hubodometer for 235/75R17.5
JOS-J 2560 Jost hubodometer for 9.5R17.5
JOS-J 2712-2750 Jost hubodometer for 10.00 x 15 / 285/70R19.5
JOS-J 3015-3134 Jost hubodometer for 9.00 x 20
JOS-J 3175-3220 Jost hubodometer for 10.00 x 20
JOS-J 3240-3260 Jost hubodometer for 11.00 x 22.5
JOS-J 3280-3310 Jost hubodometer for 11.00 x 20
JOS-J 3410-3470 Jost hubodometer for 12.00 x 20
JOS-JS E0046500 Jost handle for landing leg
JOS-JSK 37C 185 Jost 5th wheel 2"
JOS-JSK 37C 250 Jost 5th wheel 2" mounting plate 250 mm heigth
JOS-JSK 38 C-1 Jost 5th wheel 3 1/2 king Pin
JOS-JSK 38G-1-Z Jost 5th wheel heavy d.
JOS-KGZ 1012010109 Jost king Pin 2"
JOS-KGZ 1412010119 Jost king Pin 3 1/2"
JOS-KZ 1012-02 Jost retention plate 2 " and 3"
JOS-KZE 1012-03 Jost Screws retention plate (8 pcs required)
JOS-MP 4101-49 Jost mounting plate JOST for IVECO (for JSK 37 - 2" kingPin)
JOS-MP 4125 Jost mounting plate JOST for IVECO (for JSK 38 - 3 1/2 " kingPin)
JOS-RQ 36 NS Jost twist lock
JOS-SK 2121-14 Jost bar bolt jsk 38 c1
JOS-SK 2121-51 Jost repKit jsk 37 2"
JOS-SK 2121-69 Jost repKit bear jsk37 C 2"
JOS-SK 2405-01 Jost loking bar jsk 38c-1
JOS-SK 2421-76 Jost repKit compl jsk38
JOS-SK 2421-78 Jost repKit Bearing jsk38
JOS-SK 2421-98 Jost conv. Kit 3.5" to 2"
JOS-SK 2421-99 Jost convertition Kit 2" -> 3 1/2 " king Pin
JOS-SK 3205-06 Jost locking bar jsk37c2"
JOS-SK 3221-01 Jost bar bolt compl jsk37
JOS-SK 3221-50 Z Jost Repair Kit for lock for type JSK 37 C 2"
JOS-SK 3221-52 Jost Repair Kit jsk 37c 2"
JOS-SKE001740020 Jost WeaRing Parts + Mount Bolts
JOS-VA 01 SK Jost container lock, European System

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