Wabco Holding Clamp

Holding Clamp

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no longer avail from Wabco
Additional Information
Description no longer avail from Wabco
Model No. 076.279-00A
About the Manufacturer Wabco is the No.1 global supplier of technologies and control systems for the safety and efficiency of commercial vehicles. From concepts to finished products and beyond, Wabco has been developing innovative systems to make vehicles safer and easier to co
Section Trailer Parts
Subsection ./.
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WAB-423 000 535.2 Wabco bypack
WAB-423 107 900.0 Wabco Diaphragm Brake Cylinder
WAB-423 903 532.2 Wabco mounting pack
WAB-432 500 020.0 Wabco line filter
WAB-434 208 029.0 Wabco multiway valve
WAB-446 108 085.0 Wabco control unit
WAB-451 999 396.2 Wabco Tightening Strap
WAB-463 703 036.0 Wabco test pack
WAB-463 703 114.0 Wabco Test Connection
WAB-463 703 115.0 Wabco Test Connection
WAB-472 195 077.0 Wabco ABS valve
WAB-475 713 501.0 Wabco relay, ALB
WAB-475 714 500.0 Wabco Brake Power Regulator
WAB-893 030 040.4 Wabco Ring
WAB-893 030 170.4 Wabco plug
WAB-893 040 240.4 Wabco clamPing sleeve for speed sen
WAB-893 040 250.4 Wabco clamPing sleeve for speed sens
WAB-893 129 403.2 Wabco connector, compressed air line
WAB-893 510 410.2 Wabco Hose Clamp
WAB-893 511 000.4 Wabco clip
WAB-893 800 033.0 Wabco connector, compressed air line
WAB-893 800 964.0 Wabco connector, compressed air line
WAB-893 800 974.0 Wabco connector, compressed air line
WAB-893 821 224.0 Wabco connector, compressed air line
WAB-893 821 234.0 Wabco connector, compressed air line
WAB-899 140 202.4 Wabco Label
WAB-899 140 203.4 Wabco Label
WAB-934 300 001.0 Wabco water drain valve
WAB-950 060 004.0 Wabco airtank
WAB-952 200 021.0 Wabco palm coupling red lid
WAB-952 200 022.0 Wabco palm coupling yellow lid
WAB-963 001 050.0 Wabco Quick Release Valve
WAB-963 001 052.0 Wabco Quick Release Valve
WAB-971 002 532.0 Wabco trailer air vavle
WAB-973 500 000.0 Wabco QUICK RELEASE VALVE

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