Mann Oil Filters

MANN-FILTER oil filters extract residue and impurities, ensuring only clean, pure oil circulates around the engine. As well as providing reliable car oil filters, our engine oil filters also support exceptional functionality in hardworking commercial and agricultural vehicles.

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MANN-FILTER oil filters extract residue and impurities, ensuring only clean, pure oil circulates around the engine. As well as providing reliable car oil filters, our engine oil filters also support exceptional functionality in hardworking commercial and agricultural vehicles.

MANN-FILTER offers a wide range of oil filters for every engine:

- for passenger cars like Toyota, Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, Nissan
- for trucks like Mercedes Actros, MAN TGA, Volvo FM, DAF, Mack, Sinotruck
- for construction equipment from Caterpillar, Liebherr, Komatsu, Bomag, CNH
- for agriculture equipment like tractors from Fendt, Deutz-Fahr, Claas, John Deere

MANN-FILTER oil filter H
MANN-FILTER oil filter HD - for higher pressure
MANN-FILTER oil filter HU - metal-free oil filter

Additional Information

MANN-FILTER oil filters extract residue and impurities, ensuring only clean, pure oil circulates around the engine. As well as providing reliable car oil filters, our engine oil filters also support exceptional functionality in hardworking commercial and agricultural vehicles.

MANN-FILTER offers a wide range of oil filters for every engine:

- for passenger cars like Toyota, Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, Nissan
- for trucks like Mercedes Actros, MAN TGA, Volvo FM, DAF, Mack, Sinotruck
- for construction equipment from Caterpillar, Liebherr, Komatsu, Bomag, CNH
- for agriculture equipment like tractors from Fendt, Deutz-Fahr, Claas, John Deere

MANN-FILTER oil filter H
MANN-FILTER oil filter HD - for higher pressure
MANN-FILTER oil filter HU - metal-free oil filter

Model No. H816/1
About the Manufacturer Since 1941 quality, service and innovations make the Mann+Hummel Group a distinguished development partner and original equipment supplier to the international automotive and mechanical engineering industries. 
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MAN-H816/1 Mann-Filter H816/1 Oil Filter - Master Pack (HF702 /BT8832 )
MAN-H1038X Mann-Filter H1038X oil filter
MAN-H1081 Mann-Filter H1081 oil filter
MAN-H1815 Mann-Filter H1815 oil filter Caterpillar (1R0726 / LF3485 /51591 wx )
MAN-W940/1 Mann-Filter W940/1 oil filter Perkins (2654403)
MAN-HU718/2X Mann-Filter HU718/2X oil filter VAG /Volkswagen 1.8l
MAN-W723/3 Mann-Filter W723/3 Oil Filter Perkins / Caterpillar (BT215 /371682 /P554408 /LF700 / LF427/2654408 / 9Y4480 /)
MAN-W950/38 Mann-Filter W950/38 Oil Filter JCB no longer available, use LF17556
MAN-W962/47 Mann-Filter W962/47 Oil Filter Bomag / Deutz Fahr (0117 4421)
MAN-ZR905Z Mann-Filter ZR905Z Oil Filter
MAN-W1170/7 Mann-Filter W1170/7 Oil Filter (B7174MPG / /P550639 /LF3977 / LF680)
MAN-W1160 Mann-Filter W1160 oil filter MAN L/M 2000 (51.05501-7160)
MAN-W1170/13 Mann-Filter W1170/13 Oil Filter (10297295)
MAN-W68/3 Mann-Filter W68/3 Oil Filter Avensis T25 / T22 (90915-YZZC3)
MAN-W940/81 Mann-Filter W940/81 Oil Filter (90915TD004) Toyota Landcruiser /Hiace
MAN-WD13145/1 Mann-Filter WD13145/1 Oil Filter Caterpillar (B 99 /1R0716)
MAN-W951 Mann-Filter W951 Oil Filter Cummins (3937144 /B7177/LF3970 /57182 wx )
MAN-WP11102/3 Mann-Filter WP11102/3 Oil Filter Volvo ( 20845764 / 20843764 / 21707135 / 804098 pai/ B7685/ B7409) MP8
MAN-W11102/34 Mann-Filter W11102/34 Oil Filter (B7600 / FOF-4570 / 1R0739 / 21707133/21939324) Mack, Caterpillar
MAN-WP12120/1 Mann-Filter WP12120/1 Oil Filter (BD7154)
MAN-W950/18 Mann-Filter W950/18 Oil Filter DAF 45 / 55 (BT339)
MAN-W712/4 Mann-Filter W712/4 Oil Filter (Hydraulics) Atlas Copco/Deutz/ Bomag /Case (05710631/0117 4416)
MAN-HU715/4X Mann-Filter HU715/4X oil filter BMW
MAN-HU715/5X Mann-Filter HU715/5X oil filter BMW 545i E60/61 (11 42 7 511 161)
MAN-HU720/3X Mann-Filter HU720/3X oil filter BMW 325/330 Diesel (11 42 7 808 443)
MAN-HU721/4X Mann-Filter HU721/4X oil filter BMW 325/330 Diesel (11 42 7 788 460)
MAN-HU721/5X Mann-Filter HU721/5X oil filter BMW 116/123 Diesel (11 42 7 807 177)
MAN-HU722X Mann-Filter HU722X oil filter BMW 318/320 Diesel (11 42 7 787 697)
MAN-HU815/2X Mann-Filter HU815/2X oil filter BMW 1er/3er Series (11 42 7 508 969)
MAN-HU816/2X Mann-Filter HU816/2X oil filter BMW MiniR50/R53 (11 42 7 512 446)
MAN-HU816X Mann-Filter HU816X oil filter BMW 3er/5er Series (11 42 7 541 827)
MAN-HU818X Mann-Filter HU818X oil filter BMW E30/E36 Diesel
MAN-HU823X Mann-Filter HU823X oil filter BMW 540/740 i (11 42 7 521 008)
MAN-HU926/3X Mann-Filter HU926/3X oil filter BMW 320/325/328 i (11 42 1 711 568)
MAN-HU926/4X Mann-Filter HU926/4X oil filter BMW M3 3.0/3.2L (11 42 7 833 769)
MAN-HU938/4X Mann-Filter HU938/4X oil filter BMW 5/7 Series 3.5/4.0L i (11 42 1 745 390)
MAN-W719/15 Mann-Filter W719/15 oil filter BMW 3-, 5-Series (11 42 1 266 773)
MAN-HU6004X Mann-Filter HU6004X oil filter BMW / Mini (11 42 8 507 683)
MAN-HU711/51X Mann-Filter HU711/51X oil filter BMW (11 42 7 622 446)
MAN-HU716/2X Mann-Filter HU716/2X oil filter Ford Focus III TDCi 1.6L (1147 685)
MAN-HU848/1X Mann-Filter HU848/1X oil filter BMW 325/525 tds (11 42 2 246 131)
MAN-W940/5 Mann-Filter W940/5 oil filter Bomag / Case / Vag / Claas / Deutz (0117 4418
MAN-W712/21 Mann-Filter W712/21 oil filter Cummins (C6002112110 / LF16011 / 57181 wx)
MAN-W940/25 Mann-Filter W940/25 oil filter Golf II / III 1.3l Diesel (068 115 561)
MAN-W11102 Mann-Filter W11102 oil filter Bomag/MAN/Liebherr (LF4112 /560 1056 /51800 wx )
MAN-PF815 Mann-Filter PF815 oil filter Bomag/Deutz-Fahr/Iveco/Porsche
MAN-W950/17 Mann-Filter W950/17 oil filter Care / Fiat/ Nissan
MAN-W940/34 Mann-Filter W940/34 Oil Filter (3I1377 /P558616 /LF3345 / LF395 /BT427)
MAN-W12205/1 Mann-Filter W12205/1 oil filter Case / JCB / Valmet
MAN-W1126 Mann-Filter W1126 oil filter Case/Ford/General Motors/Lamboragini (1526 270 /LF580 /WL7125 )
MAN-W929/3 Mann-Filter W929/3 Oil Filter Caterpillar (BT230 / Caterpillar 8N9586)
MAN-W712/83 Mann-Filter W712/83 Oil Filter Caterpillar / Perkins (LF3460/220-1523 / B1405 / 90915-YZZB3)
MAN-W719/14 Mann-Filter W719/14 oil filter Chrysler Voyager III/IV 2.8L (P4720364)
MAN-W920/47 Mann-Filter W920/47 Power Steering filter Jeep (05012968AA/ B141 / LF391)
MAN-W719/27 Mann-Filter W719/27 oil filter Mazda / Jeep / Ford Escort VI 1.8L (1663 050)
MAN-HU718/4X Mann-Filter HU718/4X oil filter Mercedes W202/ W203 3.0 / 4.0 l (000 180 2609)
MAN-HU718/5X Mann-Filter HU718/5X oil filter Mercedes E-Class, G-Class and others (112 180 0009)
MAN-HU821X Mann-Filter HU821X oil filter Chrysler / Fiat / Mercedes (642 180 0009)
MAN-HU820/2X Mann-Filter HU820/2X oil filter Jeep Cherokee/Wrangler 2.8L (68032204AB)
MAN-W920/6 Mann-Filter W920/6 oil filter Jeep 2.5l/ Mitsubishi / Chrysler Voyager II/III/IV 2.5/3.3L (5281090)
MAN-HU718X Mann-Filter HU718X oil filter Hyundai Tucson/Santa Fe CRDi 2.0L (26320-27000)
MAN-W916/1 Mann-Filter W916/1 oil filter Chrysler/ Fiat/ Ford Scorpio I 2.0L (11405 640)
MAN-W920/45 Mann-Filter W920/45 oil filter Chrysler/ Mazda / Rover
MAN-HU932/6N Mann-Filter HU932/6N oil filter VW Passat 2.3/4.0L (021 115 561 B)
MAN-W75/3 Mann-Filter W75/3 oil filter Citroen / Fiat / Ford / Mazda / Nissan Primera 1.9 (82000-33468)
MAN-W940/62 Mann-Filter W940/62 oil filter Citroen / Iveco / Fiat Daily III (504006145)
MAN-WP1144 Mann-Filter WP1144 Oil Filter RVI /Iveco (BD232 /1902076, 4787410, 5983900 /P550226 /LF3480 / LF455)
MAN-W716/1 Mann-Filter W716/1 oil filter Citroen / Fiat / Peugeot / Renault / Toyota Corolla 1.9L Diesel (SU001-00453)
MAN-W712/22 Mann-Filter W712/22 oil filter Daewoo / Opel 1.3 1.5 l replaced by W712/75
MAN-HU612X Mann-Filter HU612X oil filter Citroen / Peugeot 103/203/306 (1109 R7)
MAN-W713/16 Mann-Filter W713/16 oil filter Citroen /Ford/Renault/Peugeot/Fiat (5984044)
MAN-HU826X Mann-Filter HU826X oil filter Land Rover Discovery/Range Rover IV 3.0L (LR 013 148)
MAN-HU934/1X Mann-Filter HU934/1X oil filter Citroen C5 III 2.7L (1109 X8)
MAN-W940/24 Mann-Filter W940/24 oil filter Bobcat Perkins JCB (BT216 LFP554403 / LF701J/2654403 )
MAN-W930/13 Mann-Filter W930/13 oil filter Claas / Rolls Royce / Jaguar XJ 3.6/5.3L (C 42797)
MAN-W1022 Mann-Filter W1022 oil filter Claas / John Deere / Liebherr (LF16243/RE5048369
MAN-W925 Mann-Filter W925 oil filter Claas / John Deere / Liebherr
MAN-HU945/2X Mann-Filter HU945/2X oil filter Claas / Kässbohrer / Mercedes / Terrex
MAN-HU947/1X Mann-Filter HU947/1X oil filter Claas / Liebherr / Mercedes / Renault
MAN-HU947/1N Mann-Filter HU947/1N oil filter Class / MAN/ Mercedes
MAN-W11102/4 Mann-Filter W11102/4 oil filter Class/Volvo/Ford/Poclain -new: W11102/36
MAN-W950/39 Mann-Filter W950/39 oil filter Cummins / NISSAN / DAF (4897898 / 15208-LA40A)
MAN-W940/30 Mann-Filter W940/30 Oil Filter Cummins / Bomag etc (BT427 / 3903224 )
MAN-W950/26 Mann-Filter W950/26 Oil Filter Case / Iveco Equipment (P550520 /BT7237/504074043)
MAN-WP1290 Mann-Filter WP1290 oil filter Cummins / John Deere / Liebherr / Mitsubishi - replaced by WP1270
MAN-WP12120 Mann-Filter WP12120 oil filter Cummins / Liebherr / Case -NEW: WP12120/1
MAN-W12205 Mann-Filter W12205 oil filter Cummins / Valmet /Case / Komatsu / Hangcha TD 27
MAN-W11006 Mann-Filter W11006 oil filter DAF
MAN-W13110 Mann-Filter W13110 oil filter DAF 75CF (134 5332)
MAN-W962/8 Mann-Filter W962/8 oil filter DAF F2800-330 / Iveco MK Series (114786/671490
MAN-WP12300 Mann-Filter WP12300 Hydraulic filter Caterpillar (1379718 /3I1265 /EFL7300 /LF3000J / LF448)
MAN-W13145/3 Mann-Filter W13145/3 oil filter DAF / Renault Trucks
MAN-W13120/2 Mann-Filter W13120/2 oil filter DAF 75CF / 85CF / Renault Trucks (1316123)
MAN-ZR903X Mann-Filter ZR903X oil filter DAF 85 / 95 (1376481 / 1376481 )
MAN-W13145/6 Mann-Filter W13145/6 oil filter DAF 85CF / 95XF (1310901)
MAN-HU1297X Mann-Filter HU1297X oil filter DAF CF - XF 85/95 (1397765 / LF16232)
MAN-HU1270X Mann-Filter HU1270X oil filter DAF CF 75/95 / XF95 (1397764)
MAN-HU12103X Mann-Filter HU12103X Oil Filter DAF CF/XF 85
MAN-W950 Mann-Filter W950 Oil Filter DAF; RVI, MAN/ Iveco/ Komatsu (B7031 / P550362 / 600-211-5213 )
MAN-W12110 Mann-Filter W12110 Oil Filter Detroit Diesel / GM / BOMAG (B95 /846095227/ 25010495 / )
MAN-W962/6 Mann-Filter W962/6 oil filter Deutz -Fahr / BMW / MAN / Fendt
MAN-W13145/1 Mann-Filter W13145/1 oil filter Deutz / MWM / Hamm Roller (1212 8936)
MAN-HU947/2X Mann-Filter HU947/2X oil filter Deutz Fahr / MAN / Renault Trucks
MAN-H20211 Mann-Filter H20211 Oil filter Deutz Fahr / MWM / Wärtsilä
MAN-W11102/28 Mann-Filter W11102/28 oil filter Deutz-Fahr/ Fendt
MAN-W11102/15 Mann-Filter W11102/15 oil filter Deutz-Fahr/General Motors/Iveco/Liebherr..
MAN-HU718/1K Mann-Filter HU718/1K oil filter Mercedes C-Class W203 (611 180 0009)
MAN-HU951X Mann-Filter HU951X oil filter Fendt / MAN / Mercedes (606 180 0009)
MAN-W712/16 Mann-Filter W712/16 oil filter Fiat Panda 1.2L (60612882)
MAN-W8005 Mann-Filter W8005 oil filter Fiat / Ford / Iveco / General Motors / Vag / Same
MAN-W714/3 Mann-Filter W714/3 oil filter Fiat / Ford / Lamboragini / Nissan / Renault (4212109)
MAN-HU612/2X Mann-Filter HU612/2X oil filter Chevrolet Cruze 1.4/1.8L (93185674)
MAN-W914/28 Mann-Filter W914/28 oil filter Fiat / Iveco Daily III/IV/V (5040 91563)
MAN-W1170 Mann-Filter W1170 oil filter Fiat / Iveco / Renault Trucks (LF3346/1901604 /BT349)
MAN-HU713/1X Mann-Filter HU713/1X oil filter Fiat Doblo/Panda/Punto 1.3/1.4L (73500049)
MAN-HU712/11X Mann-Filter HU712/11X oil filter Fiat Doblo/Panda/Punto 1.3/1.6L (71751127)
MAN-W1130 Mann-Filter W1130 oil filter Fiat Ducato 2.4/2.5L Iveco/Renault (4434825)
MAN-HU712/7X Mann-Filter HU712/7X oil filter Fiat Doblo/Panda/Punto 1.3L (55197218)
MAN-HU69/2X Mann-Filter HU69/2X oil filter Fiat/General Motors/Vauxhall/Satur/SAAB/Opel replaced by HU6007X
MAN-HU713X Mann-Filter HU713X oil filter Ford (5012 720)
MAN-W1160/5 Mann-Filter W1160/5 oil filter Ford Cargo (2C46-6C6744-AA)
MAN-W1170/9 Mann-Filter W1170/9 oil filter Ford
MAN-W610/2 Mann-Filter W610/2 oil filter oil filter Kia sportage 2.0L / Mazda 626 III (3521 840)
MAN-W712/82 Mann-Filter W712/82 oil filter Ford Mondeo IV 1.8L TDCi (1339 125)
MAN-W920/7 Mann-Filter W920/7 oil filter Ford / Deutz - Fahr / Perkins / Renault (LF3376 /51307 wx )
MAN-W77 Mann-Filter W77 oil filter Fiat / Renault 4/5/6 1.4L (08 55 961 100)
MAN-HU711X Mann-Filter HU711X oil filter Ford Mondeo III 1.8L (1S7J 6744 AC)
MAN-W920/32 Mann-Filter W920/32 oil filter Ford / General Motors - replaced by W9050
MAN-W818/82 Mann-Filter W818/82 oil filter Honda Acura 3.0 l (15400PL2004) new: W7041
MAN-W719/13 Mann-Filter W719/13 oil filter Mercedes W201 2.0L (102 184 00 01)
MAN-W814/80 Mann-Filter W814/80 oil filter Ford / General Motors / Rover / Isuzu Gemini 1.5L (8-94135-741-1)
MAN-HU920X Mann-Filter HU920X oil filter Ford Mondeo III 2.0/2.2L (1088 179)
MAN-HU8008Z Mann-Filter HU8008Z oil filter Jaguar F-Type/XF 3.0/5.0 (C2D 3670)
MAN-HU726/2X Mann-Filter HU726/2X oil filter Golf IV TDI 1.9L (038 115 466)
MAN-W950/7 Mann-Filter W950/7 Oil Filter MAN / Volvo (BT237 /3I1246 /P554407 /LF3575 /LF434 / HF921)
MAN-W712/73 Mann-Filter W712/73 oil filter Mazda III / V / VI 1.8/2.0L (LF10-143029A)
MAN-W713/19 Mann-Filter W713/19 oil filter Mazda 121 III 1.8L Diesel (1E07-14302)
MAN-W719/42 Mann-Filter W719/42 oil filter Ford / Mazda
MAN-W712/43 Mann-Filter W712/43 oil filter Ford Fiesta 1.1/1.6L (1026 285) Mazda / Renault / Vag
MAN-WP928/80 Mann-Filter WP928/80 oil filter Ford Ranger (ER/EQ), Toyota landcruiser (90915-03006)
MAN-W7008 Mann-Filter W7008 oil filter Ford / Mazda / Volvo (1E05-14302)
MAN-W840/2 Mann-Filter W840/2 oil filter Vag / Golf III 1.9L TDI (068 115 561 E)
MAN-HU719/8X Mann-Filter HU719/8X oil filterVolvo S40/60 2.4/2.5L (3875233)
MAN-W1140 Mann-Filter W1140 oil filter Ford/General Motors/Iveco/Same/Lamboragini
MAN-W1114/80 Mann-Filter W1114/80 oil filter Mazda 323 1.7/2.0L (P N16-14V61)
MAN-PF1050/1N Mann-Filter PF1050/1N oil filter Mercedes W124 diesel
MAN-W936/4 Mann-Filter W936/4 oil filter General Motors / Caterpillar / Renault Trucks
MAN-W936/5 Mann-Filter W936/5 oil filter General Motors / Mercury / Opel Diplomat 5.4L (1650363)
MAN-HU618X Mann-Filter HU618X oil filter Nissan Interstar/Primastar/Qashqai X70/X83 (15209-00Q0A)
MAN-HU825X Mann-Filter HU825X oil filter Nissan NT 500 (15209-2W200)
MAN-W79 Mann-Filter W79 oil filter Dacia / Nissan / Renault Megane I, II, III 1.5/1.9L (82 00 274 858)
MAN-HU611/1X Mann-Filter HU611/1X oil filter Opel Astra 1.8L (5650316)
MAN-HU69/3X Mann-Filter HU69/3X oil filter Opel Isignia / Vectra 2.8L (5650363)
MAN-W962/2 Mann-Filter W962/2 oil filter General Motors / Renault Trucks / Volvo
MAN-HU711/4X Mann-Filter HU711/4X oil filter General Motors / Suzuki / Opel / 1.9 l Diesel (93183412)
MAN-W950/13 Mann-Filter W950/13 oil filter General Motors / Valmet / Volvo
MAN-W917/1 Mann-Filter W917/1 oil filter General Motors / Volvo 440/460 1.7L (287999)
MAN-W712/75 Mann-Filter W712/75 oil filter General Motors/Lotus/Vauxhall/Opel.. (93156245) was W712/22
MAN-HU712/8X Mann-Filter HU712/8X oil filter Opel Corsa 1.0/1.4L (650307)
MAN-HU923X Mann-Filter HU923X oil filter Nissan Interstar X70 (15209-00QAA)
MAN-W1228 Mann-Filter W1228 oil filter GMC / Isuzu
MAN-HU712/9X Mann-Filter HU712/9X oil filter Honda Accord VIII 2.2L (15430-RSR-E01)
MAN-W610/6 Mann-Filter W610/6 oil filter HONDA Accord 2.0L (15400-PLM-A01 / D87Z-6731-A / B161-S)
MAN-W815/82 Mann-Filter W815/82 oil filter Honda Acura 3.0 l (15400PL2004)
MAN-HU714X Mann-Filter HU714X oil filter Hyundai Accent II 1.5L (26320-27100)
MAN-HU824X Mann-Filter HU824X oil filter Hyundai Sonata V 3.3L (26320-3C100)
MAN-W610/7 Mann-Filter W610/7 oil filter Hyundai 1.0/1.2L (26300-02750)
MAN-W830/3 Mann-Filter W830/3 oil filter Hyundai Santa Fe I 2.0L CRDi (26310-27200)
MAN-W930/26 Mann-Filter W930/26 oil filter Hyundai / Kia (26300-42040) was W933/4
MAN-HU7001X Mann-Filter HU7001X oil filter Hyundai i20/30/40 1.4/1.6L (26320-2A500)
MAN-HU712/10X Mann-Filter HU712/10X oil filter Hyundai i30 1.6L (26320-2A000)
MAN-HU822/5X Mann-Filter HU822/5X oil filter Hyundai Tucson/Santa Fe CRDi 2.2L (26310-27100)
MAN-W933/4 Mann-Filter W933/4 oil filter Hyundai / Kia (26300-42040) replaced by W930/26
MAN-W11143 Mann-Filter W11143 Oil Filter Isuzu / JCB (B7144 / 8-94160-964-1)
MAN-W921/80 Mann-Filter W921/80 oil filter Isuzu / Mitsubishi Canter 60/75 (ME 004099)
MAN-W950/36 Mann-Filter W950/36 oil filter Iveco Daily (2995561)
MAN-WP1169 Mann-Filter WP1169 Oil Filter Iveco / Fiat Allies (1902102/BD325 /P550342 / 1903715/ LF420)
MAN-W940/69 Mann-Filter W940/69 oil filter Iveco / Mitsubishi
MAN-W11102/1 Mann-Filter W11102/1 oil filter Iveco / Renault Trucks
MAN-WP11102/1-2 Mann-Filter WP11102/1-2 oil filter Iveco / Renault Trucks
MAN-W11102/11 Mann-Filter W11102/11 oil filter Iveco/Mack/Renault/Renault Trucks NEW:W11102/35
MAN-W11102/35 Mann-Filter W11102/35 oil filter Iveco/Mack/ RVI P553191 / 485GB3191C / 21939324)
MAN-W719/36 Mann-Filter W719/36 oil filter Jaguar X-Type 2.0/3.0L (XR 817215)
MAN-W719/7 Mann-Filter W719/7 oil filter Jaguar XK8 (96JV-6714-AA)
MAN-W713/29 Mann-Filter W713/29 oil filter Jaguar / Land Rover Range Rover 4.4L (4508334)
MAN-W610/4 Mann-Filter W610/4 oil filter Nissan Micra II / Primera 2.0L (15208-53J00)
MAN-HU1072X Mann-Filter HU1072X oil filter JCB / Scania 4 series
MAN-W1140/11 Mann-Filter W1140/11 oil filter JCB, CASE (02/950201 /
MAN-W11102/37 Mann-Filter W11102/37 oil filter JCB/ SCANIA
MAN-W1254X Mann-Filter W1254X oil filter John Deere
MAN-HU931/5X Mann-Filter HU931/5X oil filter Kässbohrer / Mercedes (906 180 0109)
MAN-HU947/1Z-2 Mann-Filter HU947/1Z-2 oil filter Kässbohrer / Mercedes / Renault
MAN-W1035 Mann-Filter W1035 oil filter Kia Pregio 2.7L (O K410 23802A)
MAN-W940/27 Mann-Filter W940/27 oil filter Kubota / Nissan / RVI Midliner
MAN-HU8003X Mann-Filter HU8003X oil filter Land Rover Range Rover III 3.6L (LR 002338)
MAN-HU925/4Y Mann-Filter HU925/4Y oil filter Land Rover / Volvo
MAN-W1170/5 Mann-Filter W1170/5 oil filter Liebherr (LF3749 / 7381111 / 0011990 /B7171 / 57469 wx)
MAN-W962/28 Mann-Filter W962/28 oil filter Liebherr (5502096)
MAN-HU12122X Mann-Filter HU12122X oil filter Liebherr / MAN TGX (51.05504-0110 / 10044373)
MAN-W719/30 Mann-Filter W719/30 oil filter VAG Golf III / IV 1.8 / 2.0 l (034 115 561A / 06A 115 561)
MAN-W714/4 Mann-Filter W714/4 oil filter Lombardini / Fiat Punto 1.9 (46402457)
MAN-WP11102 Mann-Filter WP11102 oil filter Mack / Renault Trucks / Volvo NEW: WP11102/3
MAN-HU1381X Mann-Filter HU1381X oil filter MAN F2000 / early TGA (P550765 /P7190 /51.05504-0098 /LF3867 /92026E )
MAN-HU13125X Mann-Filter HU13125X oil filter MAN TGA 2004-> ( 51.05504-0107 /51.05504-0108)
MAN-HU711/2X Mann-Filter HU711/2X oil filter Mazda 6 2.3L (L321-14302)
MAN-HU610X Mann-Filter HU610X oil filter Mercedes A Class W168 (166 180 0009)
MAN-HU612/1X Mann-Filter HU612/1X oil filter Mercedes A class, B class (266 184 0325)
MAN-HU615/3X Mann-Filter HU615/3X oil filter Mercedes A class diesel (668 180 0009)
MAN-HU715/6X Mann-Filter HU715/6X oil filter Mercedes
MAN-HU721/2X Mann-Filter HU721/2X oil filter Mercedes W203/211 (613 180 00 09)
MAN-HU721/3X Mann-Filter HU721/3X oil filter Mercedes G-class / S-class 6.0l (275 180 0009)
MAN-HU926/5Y Mann-Filter HU926/5Y oil filter Mercedes
MAN-HU932/4N Mann-Filter HU932/4N oil filter Mercedes LK/MK (366 180 0609)
MAN-HU934X Mann-Filter HU934X oil filter Mercedes 400 CDI (628 180 00 09)
MAN-H12110/2X Mann-Filter H12110/2X Hydraulic filter (P294 /P550041 /LF3327 / LF458 )
MAN-HU932/4X Mann-Filter HU932/4X oil filter Mercedes / Liebherr / Claas
MAN-W67 Mann-Filter W67 oil filter Mitsubishi Colt/Lancer 1.5L (MR 984204)
MAN-HU12140X Mann-Filter HU12140X oil filter Mercedes Actros / Atego (457 184 0025 / 541 180 0009)
MAN-HU514X Mann-Filter HU514X oil filter Mercedes C/E Class 2007-> (271 184 0125 /271 180 0009)
MAN-HU12110X Mann-Filter HU12110X oil filter Mercedes Truck OM 457 / Freiagtliner MBE 4000
MAN-H1275X Mann-Filter H1275X oil filter Mercedes/Renault Trucks/Liebherr
MAN-WP9002 Mann-Filter WP9002 oil filter Mitsubishi L200 2.5l Diesel 1230A114 (new: W9066)
MAN-W67/1 Mann-Filter W67/1 oil filter Ford/Infiniti/Kia/Mazda/Nissan (15208-3J400)
MAN-HU819/1X Mann-Filter HU819/1X oil filter Nissan Almera/Primera 2.2L (15208-5M300)
MAN-W933/1 Mann-Filter W933/1 oil filter Nissan / Ford TD30 / Hangcha / TCM (ADN12132)
MAN-W920/48 Mann-Filter W920/48 oil filter Liebherr / JCB / Renault / Nissan Almera I I 2.2L (15208-BN300)
MAN-W920/14 Mann-Filter W920/14 oil filter Nissan Bluebird 1.8/2.0L (A5208-W1106)
MAN-W712/8 Mann-Filter W712/8 oil filter Nissan / Peugeot 106II / 206I / Renault (15208-6F901)
MAN-W66 Mann-Filter W66 oil filter Nissan Kubistar/ Renault Cars (15208-00QAG)
MAN-W1126/11 Mann-Filter W1126/11 oil filter Nissan UD (5221170571)
MAN-W920/82 Mann-Filter W920/82 oil filter Komatsu / JCB / General Motors / Opel Campo 2.5L (5650300)
MAN-W930/20 Mann-Filter W930/20 oil filter Perkines / Landrover Defneder II 2.5 l (2654412)
MAN-W610/1 Mann-Filter W610/1 oil filter Perkins 100 Series / VW Taro (140516190 / 8614737)
MAN-W940/67 Mann-Filter W940/67 oil filter Perkins / Vögele
MAN-W840 Mann-Filter W840 oil filter Peugeot / General Motors / DAF / Citroen new: W712/8
MAN-HU719/5X Mann-Filter HU719/5X oil filter Porsche 911 3.4/3.8L (996.107.225.52)
MAN-HU9001X Mann-Filter HU9001X oil filter Porsche 911/Cayenne/Panamera 3.6/4.8L (948.107.222.00)
MAN-HU722Z Mann-Filter HU722Z oil filter Porsche / Audi 3.0 l (06E 115 466)
MAN-HU8001X Mann-Filter HU8001X oil filterAudi A4 TDI 2.7/3.0L (057 115 561 M)
MAN-HU8005Z Mann-Filter HU8005Z oil filter Porsche / Vag
MAN-W712/47 Mann-Filter W712/47 oil filter Renault
MAN-W1160/2 Mann-Filter W1160/2 oil filter Renault Trucks
MAN-W1168 Mann-Filter W1168 oil filter Renault Trucks
MAN-W1294 Mann-Filter W1294 Hydraulic filter Cummins (P551670/ B96 / / LF432 / LF438)
MAN-W11102/27 Mann-Filter W11102/27 oil filter Renault/Volvo/Mack/Hino/Foden Trucks..
MAN-W713/28 Mann-Filter W713/28 oil filter Landrover Discovery I / Freelander (ADU9826EVA)
MAN-W719/33 Mann-Filter W719/33 oil filter Rover
MAN-HU1077/1X Mann-Filter HU1077/1X oil filter Scania G-/P-/R-Series 450 (1742032/1742037/2022275)
MAN-W920/7Y Mann-Filter W920/7Y oil filter Scania
MAN-W11102/14 Mann-Filter W11102/14 oil filter SCANIA (NEW REF IS W11102/37)
MAN-W712/52 Mann-Filter W712/52 oil filter Suzuki / Vag (030115 561B)
MAN-W610/9 Mann-Filter W610/9 oil filter Toyota (Avensis/ Corlolla / RAVII 90915-10004 / 90915-03004)
MAN-WP1026 Mann-Filter WP1026 oil filter Toyota Corolla (_E_11) 2.0 l (90915-30003)
MAN-HU7005X Mann-Filter HU7005X oil filter Audi A6 / A8 4.0 l Touareg (079 198 405E)
MAN-HU710X Mann-Filter HU710X oil filterVW Polo 1.2L (03D 198 819)
MAN-HU718/8X Mann-Filter HU718/8X oil filter Vag
MAN-HU719/6X Mann-Filter HU719/6X oil filter Golf V GTI/FSI 2.0L (06D 198 405)
MAN-HU835/1Z Mann-Filter HU835/1Z oil filter Audi A4 quattro 3.7/4.2L (079 198 405)
MAN-HU932/7X Mann-Filter HU932/7X oil filter VW Touareg V8 4.2L (077 115 562)
MAN-W712/54 Mann-Filter W712/54 oil filter Skoda Fabia 1.4L (047 115 561 B)
MAN-W712/90 Mann-Filter W712/90 oil filter VW Golf VI 1.4L TSI (03C 115 561 B) new: W712/93
MAN-W712/91 Mann-Filter W712/91 oil filter Vag / Golf VI 1.4L TSI (03C 115 561 D) new: W712/94
MAN-W719/21 Mann-Filter W719/21 oil filter Vag
MAN-W719/45 Mann-Filter W719/45 oil filter Vag
MAN-W735/2 Mann-Filter W735/2 oil filter Audi A6 4B2/4B5 3.7/4.2L (077 115 561 G)
MAN-W920/8 Mann-Filter W920/8 oil filter Vag 1.7 /1.9l Diesel (030 115 561C)
MAN-W930/21 Mann-Filter W930/21 oil filter Audi / Vw Passat 2.8L (078 115 561 D)
MAN-W719/12 Mann-Filter W719/12 Oil Filter VAG , Kubota etc (B243 / 070 115 561 )
MAN-W719/5 Mann-Filter W719/5 oil filterGolf I / II / III 1.6 / 1.8l (035 115 561) (B178 )
MAN-HU819X Mann-Filter HU819X oil filter Volvo S-/V-Series 40/60/70/80 (1275810)
MAN-HU1390X Mann-Filter HU1390X oil filter Volvo / Renault / Deutz-Fahr (0293 1522)
MAN-H1050/1 Mann-Filter H1050/1 Oil FilterMack, DAF, Scania; RVI (BF877 / )
MAN-HU712/6X Mann-Filter HU712/6X oil filter Golf V TSI 1.4L (03C 115 562)
MAN-HU719/7X Mann-Filter HU719/7X Oil Filter Golf IV 2.3/2.8L (071 115 562C)
MAN-HU719/8Y Mann-Filter HU719/8Y oilf filter Volvo S60/70 2.4L (30788821)
MAN-W936/2 Mann-Filter W936/2 oil filter CAT / Cummins / Perkins (9Y4501 / 9Y4502/ PH11)
MAN-WK8121 Mann-Filter WK8121 oil filter Caterpillar / Perkins (BF7674 / 100-5593 / 138-3098)
MAN-W940/18 Mann-Filter W940/18 oil filter Deutz / Class / Volvo
MAN-W10703 Mann-Filter W10703 oil filter Hyundai County (26311-45001)
MAN-W67/2 Mann-Filter W67/2 oil filter Daihatsu / Suzuki / Chevrolet / Nissan (15208-4A00A)
MAN-W940/20 Mann-Filter W940/20 oil filter Linde forklift
MAN-ZR902X Mann-Filter ZR902X oil filter MAck / Mercedes / (BC110 / 57GC2134 / FOF-4571
MAN-W12102 Mann-Filter W12102 oil filter Mercedes / Ford/ Freiagtliner/ Detroit Diesel
MAN-HU7010Z Mann-Filter HU7010Z oil filter Mercedes car (A / B / C Class) 2.0L Diesel (651 180 0309)
MAN-WK842/23X Mann-Filter WK842/23X oil filter Mercedes Van / C-Class A-Class, petrol engine
MAN-WD13145/4 Mann-Filter WD13145/4 oil filter MTU / Jenbacher / Detroit Diesel (003 184 53 01)
MAN-H12107/1 Mann-Filter H12107/1 oil filter Sullair / MAN and other (as 2132170)
MAN-HU7009Z Mann-Filter HU7009Z oil filter Toyota Avensis/RAV 4 III (04152-0R010)
MAN-3108075043 Mann-Filter 3108075043 oil-bath air cleaning system
MAN-HU1077/1Z Mann-Filter HU1077/1Z oil filter Scania G-/P-/R-Series 450 (1742032/1742037/2022275)
MAN-HU1077X Mann-Filter HU1077X Oil Filter use HU1077/1X
MAN-HU12007X Mann-Filter HU12007X oil filter
MAN-HU1291/1Z Mann-Filter HU1291/1Z oil filter
MAN-HU6006Z Mann-Filter HU6006Z oil filter Toyota Avensis / RAV4 III (04152-37010 / 04152-40060 / 04152-YZZA6 )
MAN-HU6007X Mann-Filter HU6007X oil filter Fiat/General Motors/Vauxhall/Satur/SAAB/Opel
MAN-HU6008Z Mann-Filter HU6008Z hydraulic oil filter Mercedes (278 184 0125 / 278 180 0009)
MAN-HU7008Z Mann-Filter HU7008Z Oil Filter VAG (03L 115 466 / 03L 115 562)
MAN-HU7016X Mann-Filter HU7016X Oil Filter MTU (X57518300024)
MAN-HU7019Z Mann-Filter HU7019Z oil filter Toyota Corolla / Auris / Lexus (04152-31090 / 04152-YZZA1 / 04152-31110)
MAN-WP12001 Mann-Filter WP12001 Oil Filter Volvo / Mack (P559000 /85114044)
MAN-WP1270 Mann-Filter WP1270 oil filter Cummins / John Deere / Liebherr / Mitsubishi - was WP1290
MAN-WP12905 Mann-Filter WP12905 oil filter cummins (P554560/BD7167 / 4016657)
MAN-HU7025Z Mann-Filter HU7025Z oil filter Mercedes W204 / W205 3.0 4.0 l (276 180 0009 / 276 184 0025)
MAN-HU7029Z Mann-Filter HU7029Z oil filter Porsche / Vag
MAN-HU711/6Z Mann-Filter HU711/6Z oil filter Mercedes (270 180 0109 / 270 184 0125 / 270 184 0025)
MAN-HU925/4X Mann-Filter HU925/4X Oil Filter BMW E36 / E46 (11 42 1 740 534)
MAN-HU931/6X Mann-Filter HU931/6X Oil Filter Mercedes Atego (904 180 0009 / LF3827)
MAN-LB1374/2 Mann-Filter LB1374/2 Compressed air-oil separator
MAN-W11102/40 Mann-Filter W11102/40 oil filter
MAN-W1126/10 Mann-Filter W1126/10 oil filter Caterpillar (B7131 / LF418 / 103-9737 / 57106 wx)
MAN-W1170/15 Mann-Filter W1170/15 Oil Filter Iveco / Case (LF537 / 1909137 / 51825 wx / P551604 / BT349 )
MAN-W7041 Mann-Filter W7041 oil filter Honda Acura 3.0 l (15400PL2004) was W818/82
MAN-W711/80 Mann-Filter W711/80 Oil Filter replaced by W712/83
MAN-W712/15 Mann-Filter W712/15 oil filter
MAN-W712/80 Mann-Filter W712/80 oil filter
MAN-W712/93 Mann-Filter W712/93 oil filter VW Golf VI 1.4L TSI (03C 115 561 B) was W712/90
MAN-W712/94 Mann-Filter W712/94 oil filter Vag / Golf VI 1.4L TSI (03C 115 561 D) was W712/91
MAN-W717/2 Mann-Filter W717/2 oil filter
MAN-W719/46 Mann-Filter W719/46 oil filter
MAN-W77/2 Mann-Filter W77/2 oil filter
MAN-W815/81 Mann-Filter W815/81 Oil Filter Honda / GM (15400-PA6-305)
MAN-W818/81 Mann-Filter W818/81 Oil Filter Caterpillar (9Y-4503)
MAN-W9050 Mann-Filter W9050 oil filter Ford / General Motors - replacedwas W920/32
MAN-W920 Mann-Filter W920 Oil Filter
MAN-W932/81 Mann-Filter W932/81 oil filter
MAN-W940/21 Mann-Filter W940/21 oil filter
MAN-W940/26 Mann-Filter W940/26 Oil Filter Landriver 2.3l 88/109
MAN-W962/38 Mann-Filter W962/38 Oil filter
MAN-WD13145/3 Mann-Filter WD13145/3 oil filter
MAN-WD1374 Mann-Filter WD1374 oil filter MAN / RVI (51.05504-0092 /
MAN-W940/4 Mann-Filter W940/4 oil filter
MAN-WH945 Mann-Filter WH945 oil filter (HF6554 /51456 wx )
MAN-WH945/2 Mann-Filter WH945/2 oil filter (HF6552 /51455 wx )
MAN-WH1257 Mann-Filter WH1257 filter
MAN-3931070200 Mann-Filter 3931070200 filter oil separator
Mann-Filter H816/1 Oil Filter - Master Pack (HF702 /BT8832 )

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