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Warranty Statement



Subject to the terms and conditions set out below, C. Woermann (Nigeria) Ltd, a company registered in Nigeria whose registered office is at 6, Badejo Kalesanwo Street, Matori Industrial Estate, Lagos (also in this document referred to as “ C. Woermann” “ we” “ us”) and distributes technical equipment of well-known manufactures and International Brands, to the Nigerian market is pleased to offer a 12 months guarantee to all customers who have purchased the products in new form, for their personal and commercial/industrial use.


C. Woermann will ensure that all products supplied to its customers are thoroughly inspected before they leave its premises and be reasonably free of defects to the extent guaranteed by the manufacturers, for a period of 12 months from the date the products are purchased.


No other warranty or agreement made outside of this statement is binding or supersedes this statement as regards the supply of the products supplied by C. Woermann.


How do you make a claim?


A claim for a repair without charges based on the warranty must be announced with the placement of the repair order. Proof of purchase (either the invoice, the delivery note, the order confirmation) and the 12 months Warranty certificate.


Products which have been sent to us without a copy of the above documents will be returned to sender. Please keep your original certificate and proof of purchase for your records.


To return the product to C. Woermann, please contact us by telephone on +234 01 2918597, +234 (0) 706 154 9748 or by email at or you can arrange to send the products back at your cost. Products may not be returned without C. Woermann’s written approval. Therefore, verbal declarations made by our representatives or employees require our written confirmation.


Complaints relating to recognisable defects or recognisable incompleteness, or incorrect delivery must be made to C. Woermann immediately in writing, but not later than 7 days after receipt of delivery. Other defects must be notified to us in writing immediately after discovery. In the event of complaints or defects not being notified within the said period, the goods are deemed accepted.


Please note that Warranty will not be valid in case the customer doesn’t fulfill the payment terms and the products supplied shall remain the property of C. Woermann until the customer has discharged all claims against him from the current business relationship in full. In the case of drafts and cheques, payment is deemed to have been made only when they have been fully honoured


What the warranty covers.


A successful warranty claim entitles the customer at C. Woermann’s option, to either: (1) repair; or (2) replacement; or, if approved in writing by C. Woermann and subject to C. Woermann’s Technical Department’s authorisation; (3) the pre-approved cost of repair or replacement at an authorised C. Woermann’s service station; or (4) payment of or credit for the purchase price (less reasonable depreciation based upon use).


If the device cannot be repaired or the repair is not economically advantageous, C. Woermann will inform the customer accordingly about the necessity to order a new device. If the customer wishes to retrieve the defective device, C. Woermann will ship it back and charge the respective costs. If the customer does not see the necessity to order a new device eight weeks after being informed about the necessity to order a new device, C. Woermann will dispose of the defective device. C. Woermann reserves the right to charge the customer with the respective disposal costs.


Please note that all products returned under this warranty will be fully checked by C. Woermann on receipt. C. Woermann has the right to reject products which do not satisfy the terms of this warranty and charge the consumer for C. Woermann’s reasonable costs in dealing with an invalid claim.


The customer shall afford C. Woermann the necessary time and opportunity to carry out repairs or supply the replacement goods, failing which C. Woermann shall be released from any liability for defects.


Warranty does not cover the following.


The warranty doesn’t cover transport and packaging costs of faulty parts or parts that have been replaced. All such assembly and traveling expenses of the staff that carry out the warranty, or those to C. Woermann’s facilities or to the authorised service of any materials, if necessary, will always be at the customer’s risk and expenses.


Also, no claims will be honoured if the products are defective, or have been damaged, as a result of the following:


1. wear or tear from normal use;


2. servicing by anyone other than an authorised C. Woermann’s technician

3.the product(s) having been misused or subjected to neglect, improper or inadequate care or carelessness (such as being dropped), or abnormal usage conditions;


4. the product(s) having been involved in any accident or attempt at repair, alteration, change or modification or inspection except by or on behalf of either a C. Woermann’s employee qualified in product repair or approved by a C. Woermann’s employee of sufficient seniority or in accordance with C. Woermann’s instructions to C. Woermann’s reasonable satisfaction


5. the product(s) having been used with other parts that are not original or used other than in accordance with good practice and C. Woermann’s instructions or recommendations; and/or the use of non- C. Woermann’s parts or accessories fitted to the product(s).


These are the terms and conditions of warranty. We are sure that our products would provide you with the comfort you wished. For any other information please call us or visit our website.