Festo Pneumatic and Electric Drive Technology

Festo is a worldwide leader in automation and a world market leader in technical training and development. Festo innovations in pneumatic and electric drive technology deliver higher productivity for the success of your business. For industrial and process automation – from single components to turnkey solutions


Electric, Pneumatic and Process Automation

The right solution for every requirement: Festo offers products, systems and services surrounding pneumatic and electrical control and drive technology – whether in the factory or process automation sector.


Factory automation – for productivity in production

In the everyday factory environment, automation technology takes over typical tasks such as gripping, moving and positioning parts, modules or complete products.

As an innovation leader, for many years Festo has been providing impetus for factory automation and offers a wide product and service portfolio – from individual components to complex customised solutions and systems.


Automation from one source

– Festo’s standard range includes pneumatic, servo-pneumatic and electrical drive technology as well as valves and manifolds. 

– Perfect communications in the control chain are ensured by sensors, intelligent compact-camera systems and controllers. 

– Systems for treating and monitoring compressed air as well as hoses and screw connections round off the assortment.


Solutions for the most diverse industries

Festo’s comprehensive range and our industry-specific expertise are applied in the production and assembly areas of various industrial segments. Whether it is the automotive or electronics industry, printing and packaging technology, the semiconductor or solar industry – Festo knows the demands of the most diverse industries exactly and accompanies its customers from the initial consultancy stage to continuous follow-up support.


Festo’s main product groups

– Cylinders, valves and manifolds

– Electrical, pneumatic and servo-pneumatic drives

– Appliances for compressed-air treatment and vacuum technology

– Grippers and handling systems

– Motors and controllers

– Sensors and image-processing systems

– Control technology and software



Process automation – for safety during ongoing operations

Together with and for its customers, Festo develops tailored automation solutions for the process industry – in all project phases from engineering to operation and maintenance. Process automation in the form of interdisciplinary technology combines automation and process engineering.

The process industry is involved, for example, with the transport, handling, treatment, purification, filling and waste disposal of fluids. Among other things, the term fluids covers liquids, gases or pourable solids – so-called bulk goods.


Numerous industries with the most diverse requirements

The segments of the process industry include, for example, biotech and pharmaceutical, water and sewage technology, chemical engineering, food and beverages, the oil and gas industry, mining process engineering, power generation and paper production.

This variety of segments places the widest range of requirements on the technologies, solutions and products, taking into account diverse technical specifications and regulations. In all these industries, it comes down to measuring, controlling and regulating fluid media in order to guarantee a smooth and reliable manufacturing process.


From the individual component to the customer-specific solution

The solutions offered by Festo range from process, analysis and solenoid valves as well as drives, sensors and control systems to ready-to-install systems and holistic automation concepts.


Festo’s main product groups

– Control technology and remote I/Os

– Valve terminals and pilot valves

– Sensors and positioners

– Linear and quarter turn actuators

– Process and media valves

– Compressed air preparation and air supply components



Festo Technical Training Services

Festo Didactic is the world-leading provider of equipment and solutions for technical education - we combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience in automation and technology. Our product and service portfolio offers holistic education solutions for all areas of technology in factory and process automation such as pneumatics, hydraulics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and mechatronics.